Sherine Ebadi


Sherine EbadiSherine Ebadi is interested in colonial residues–discourses, nationalisms, and political and geographic imaginaries–as they circulate transnationally, especially in relation to contemporary formations of empire. She is particularly interested in Central Asia as a unique space of coloniality, and how postcolonial subjectivity, social movements, and anticolonial nationalisms can be theorized with resonances and discords across the (Black) Atlantic. With a particular focus on Afghanistan and the United States, Ebadi is interested in upholding the centrality of race, gender, landscape, political economy, and spirituality to any understandings of conflict and liberation. Methodologically, her work looks critically at what constitutes an archive. She works amongst communities of diasporic artists, with political organizers (especially non-Western feminists), and draw from colonial archives to inform her work.

Ebadi’s research is supported by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and the UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Fellowship.