Rakesh Bhandari

Job title: 
Lecturer; 2022 Acting Director, Interdisciplinary Studies Field
Interdisciplinary Studies

Bhandari's research interests include heterodox political economy; theories of the self and the posthuman in the age of AI and biotechnology; history and theory of racism; critical theory; and classical social and political theory. His diverse interests come out of graduate studies in political theory at Harvard University, where he began his graduate work; comparative ethnic studies at UC Berkeley, where he wrote his dissertation; and the history of science at Princeton University, where he studied the history of Social Darwinism. He has also worked at a microprocessor firm and served on the California Board of Education.

He was recently an invited participant for a conference at the University of Minnesota on the interdisciplinary social science of the early Frankfurt School and participated on a panel on neo-liberalism at a conference sponsored by the Critical Theory Program at UC Berkeley. He was also a participant on a Blum Center panel on political economy.