Admissions and Requirements


Only students enrolled in Ph.D. programs at the University of California, Berkeley are eligible to apply for the DE in Critical Theory. Students must apply in the first or second year of graduate study in order to fulfill the requirements of the DE in addition to those of their home department.

Application Process

Petitions for admission to the DE are accepted each Spring for admission to the program the following Fall. The DE in Critical Theory admits approximately 15 new students each year. We currently have nearly 100 students in the program drawn from a wide number of departments across the humanities and social sciences.

Applications are due Friday, March 15, 2024 at 4 pm. 

Please submit applications and supporting materials via email to Note that the required letter of recommendation should be sent under separate cover to

Please submit this form with DE applications.

Curriculum and Requirements

The requirements of the DE include completion of the course curriculum and appropriate representation of DE faculty on the student’s qualifying exam and dissertation committees.

Course Requirements

DE students are required to take five courses. Three of these comprise the core curriculum (CT 200, 205, and 240), and two are electives (CT 290) selected from a list of courses offered by the DE faculty. When possible, it is preferable for students to take core courses in sequence. Courses should be taken for a letter grade and should be completed prior to the Qualifying Exam.

Representation on Doctoral Committees

One of the members of the student’s qualifying examination committee and dissertation committee must represent the DE in Critical Theory and be a member of the DE’s designated faculty. These faculty members may be outside or inside members of the student’s committees.


Every student admitted to the program will have an advisor selected from the members of the Critical Theory faculty. This advisor is responsible for mentoring the student through the DE and works in consultation with a departmental advisor from the student’s home department to assure appropriate representation of the DE on the student’s qualifying examination and dissertation committees.

Degree Designation

Upon successful completion of the dissertation, the student’s transcript will include the designation: “Ph.D. in [major] with a Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory.” This designation certifies that she or he has participated in, and successfully completed, a Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory in addition to all departmental requirements for the doctorate.

Forms for Current Students:

Please download and fill out this form upon completing all required coursework and paperwork for the obtainment of the Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory.

DE in Critical Theory Requirements Checklist

Petition for Credit for DE Elective: Please use this form to petition for elective course credit in the DE for any course that was not explicitly offered as a Critical Theory Elective.