Lauren Bausch

South & Southeast Asian Studies

Lauren completed her MA and PhD in Sanskrit in the Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies. Her areas of scholarly interest include early Indian literature, particularly intermediate and late Vedic philosophy and early Buddhism.  Her research is principally informed by reading primary Sanskrit sources—a traditional philological approach that is still the standard in the field of Sanskrit studies.

Lauren is currently editing the proceedings of the Self, Sacrifice, and Cosmos: Late Vedic Thought, Ritual, and Philosophy conference for publication and turning her dissertation on Kosalan Philosophy in the Kāṇva Śatapatha Brāhmaṇa and the Suttanipāta into a book.  Her long-term goal is to write a scholarly book on Vedic philosophy with special attention to the Brāhmaṇas and Āraṇyakas.  In this project, she plans to map out more fully a Vedic conceptual register, which would provide both an increased understanding of the interrelationship of religious traditions and a new framework with which to study cultural and religious connections.

When not teaching at Dharma Realm Buddhist University, Lauren enjoys translating, meditating, writing, contemplating the rhythms of the ocean, hiking in the mountains, jogging, and traveling.