Jaleel Plummer

Medical Anthropology (Joint PhD)

Jaleel is a student in the Joint PhD Program in Medical Anthropology at UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco. His research interests include psychological anthropology, anthropology of the state, Black Caribbean thought, psychoanalysis, and Marxism.

Jaleel is currently working on a project about “the black experience with madness” for the black population in London, United Kingdom. He will determine how the black experience with madness is impacted by British mass surveillance and the policing of “anti-social behavior”. Furthermore, he will determine how that experience is rooted in British imperialism, the objectification of black bodies for capitalist ends, and plantation surveillance. One of the project’s central questions is on the notion of Opacity and how it relates to governance, the gaze, and Being-itself. Jaleel hopes to establish links between Fanon’s psychoanalysis, Glissant’s worldmentality, Hegel’s phenomenology, Bataille’s social theory, Marxism, and theories on surveillance in order to address the questions he has in mind.