Églantine Colon


ecolon_profilepic-e1418677577424Églantine Colon is an Assistant Professor in French Studies and affiliated faculty in the Program in Critical Theory. She teaches courses on 20th-21st century French and Francophone literature, literary criticism, and critical theory, with a specific emphasis on the 1960s onwards. Her areas of inquiry include the intersections between literary creation and critical theory; theories and practices of care, precarity and the community; space and politics in neo-colonial and neo-capitalist contexts; postmodernisms and their current renewals. Professor Colon’s book in progress “Stabat Matter. Volodine’s Formal Care” is a study of the relationship between literary forms, gestures of care, and forms of (bio)political insurgency in Antoine Volodine’s post-exotic literature. Her second book in progress, “Des espaces précaires” retraces the genealogy of the political, temporal and poetic functions of urban marginality in French culture, from the mid-19th century to the contemporary moment.