A. B. Huber

Visiting Scholar 2010-11

image-size-320x400A. B. Huber’s teaching and research interests include critical theory, aesthetics and politics, and the literature and visual culture of modernity. Much of her current work is focused on the force and form of critique in times of war. She is revising a manuscript that focuses on archival materials from the US Strategic Bombing Survey of 1945. This project considers how the American tactical and political use of terror against civilians in Japan and Germany—where “shock and awe” was first named and tested—raises a number of timely questions about fear and the rhetorical deployment of “security” in US politics and policies. She is also at work on a commissioned piece on violence and the visual with the artist Mary Walling Blackburn: “Thinking through Images,” which will appear in Triple Canopy. Huber taught and took part in the Radical Citizenship Tutorials on Angel Island in San Francisco and Governors Island in New York in the summer of 2010. In the fall of 2010, she was at the University of California Berkeley on a Mellon Fellowship in Critical Theory.