Rakesh Bhandari

Interdisciplinary Studies

rakesh2-8Rakesh Bhandari’s research interests include classical social theory’s images of Asia, the juridical aspects of unfree labor relations, the role of luxury consumption in economic growth, the nature and limits of Keynesian intervention, and the discourses of social Darwinism. He has published the following: “The Disguises of Wage Labour”, Historical Materialism; On Luxury Spending in Science and Society; “On the Critique of Marcuse’s One-Dimensional Man“, International Journal of Political Economy; “Wage Labor and Slavery in History”, Rethinking Marxism. Rakesh was recently an invited participant for a conference at the University of Minnesota on the interdisciplinary social science of the early Frankfurt School and participated on a panel on neo-liberalism at a conference sponsored by the Critical Theory Program at UC Berkeley. He has finished a draft of a book on the ethnic consequences of austerity policies.