Neoliberalism + Biopolitics Working Group | Graduate Student Symposium

Michael Kowen

Investigating the role of neoliberalism and biopolitics as both contemporary objects of study and paradigms of analysis for humanistic and social- scientific inquiry, the Graduate Student Symposium showcases student work focusing on topics related to the major themes of the Working Group series. Abstracts will be pre-circulated to provide orientation for the group discussion. This final event of the Working Group series is a venue for graduate student response leading up to The Neoliberalism + Biopolitics Conference on February 27-28, 2015.

Graduate student presentations include,

“Mercurial Migrations and (Post)Neoliberal Dreams”
Ruth Goldstein, Ph.D. candidate in Anthropology

“Primitive Accumulation: Race, Legitimate Knowledges, and the Neoliberal Subject of Capacity in Ruben Östlund’s Play
Christian Gullette, Ph.D. candidate in Scandinavian

“The Neoliberal Order of Things: Causality, Discourse, and Biopower”
Kelie Montalvo, Ph.D. candidate in Rhetoric

“Neoliberalism and Psychic Life”
Emily O’Rourke, Ph.D. candidate in Rhetoric

“Questioning Development: New Life (Saenghwal) Movements in Post-Democratization South Korea”
Elise Youn, Ph.D. candidate in Geography

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The Neoliberalism + Biopolitics Working Group is supported by The Program in Critical Theory, UC Berkeley’s Divisions of Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences, and the University of California Humanities Research Institute. The program is organized by UC Berkeley graduate students William Callison (Ph.D. Candidate Political Science, DE Critical Theory) and Zachary Manfredi (Ph.D. Candidate Rhetoric), and supervised by Program in Critical Theory faculty Martin Jay (Professor of History) and Wendy Brown (Professor of Political Science).