Frankfurt School Critical Theory, Marxism–And Then Three Nicaraguan Decades: An Intellectual And Political Odyssey

Gary Ruchwarger is a UC Berkley alumnus, journalist and author who’s lived for some time in Estelí, Nicaragua. He will read from his forthcoming memoir, Angels and Amnesia: The Extraordinary Memoirs of a North American Jew in Nicaragua. The reading and discussion will trace the influence on his thought, and then on his Nicaragua-based journalism and related writings, of three key members of the Frankfurt School: Herbert Marcuse, Erich Fromm, and Walter Benjamin.

Gary Ruchwarger has authored two books on Nicaragua’s 1979 Sandinista Revolution and its aftermath: People in Power: Forging a Grassroots Democracy in Nicaragua (1987) and Struggling for Survival: Workers, Women, and Class on a Nicaraguan State Farm (1989). He founded El Instituto Segoviano para Eruditos Norte Americanos, which provides accommodations and research facilities to U.S.-based graduate students and professors visiting Nicaragua.