Politics Beyond the Human / Toxicity, Animacy, and the Problem of Matter

Epsen Rasmussen

Samia Rahimtoola moderates a discussion on the affective, cultural, and political structures of toxic experience. Topics under discussion include: How might we rethink the politics and polemics of environmentalism from an already toxic moment? How might toxicity enable a reorientation of the subject? And, how does toxicity disrupt prevailing distinctions between lively and non-lively matter?


Ulrich Beck, Risk Society, Preface & Chapter 1.
Mel Chen, “Toxic Animacies, Inanimate Affections.” GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies 17.2 (2011): 265-286.

In the series following-up from last Fall’s Forms of Survival and the Politics of Vulnerability, Politics Beyond the Human continues to address notions of survival and how survival can act as a license to force and at other times a basis for resistance. Politics Beyond the Human expands the scope of inquiry to include discussions of the nonhuman world. The workshop is developed and led by Michelle Ty (PhD candidate English, Designated Emphasis Critical Theory).