Brecht’s Theater and Poetry

Tom Kuhn will lead a seminar in relation to his lecture, discussing poems and other short readings by Bertolt Brecht. Click here for a link to the texts. Participants are invited to bring other Brecht poems or texts they wish to discuss.

Tom Kuhn’s main research interests are in political literature in the 20th century. He has worked particularly on Bertolt Brecht, and is the series editor of the main English-language edition of Brecht’s works. In addition, he has written on exile and anti-fascist literature, and on more recent drama. He is currently working on a major project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, ‘Writing Brecht/Brecht into English,’ on the cultural transmission of Brecht. Outputs will include several major new publications of Brecht’s work in English. He is also working on a book on Brecht’s use of visual art and other pictorial material.