Seth Holmes

School of Public Health


Seth M. Holmes is Martin Sisters Endowed Chair Assistant Professor in the UC Berkeley School of Public Health’s Community Health and Human Development Division and the Graduate Program in Medical Anthropology.  He is Co-Director of the MD/PhD Track in Medical Anthropology coordinated between UCSF and UC Berkeley.

Holmes is currently investigating social hierarchies, health, health care and the naturalization and normalization of difference and inequality in the context of transnational US-Mexico im/migration. This project led to the publication of the book, Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Migrant Farmworkers in the United Status (California Series in Public Anthropology, University of California Press, 2013).  An article from this work was awarded the Rudolf Virchow Award from the Society for Medical Anthropology. Concurrently, Holmes is conducting research into the production of the clinical habitus, subjectivity, and gaze, in other words the processes through which biomedical trainees learn to perceive and respond to social differences and inequalities. In addition, Dr. Holmes is exploring new research into the social, symbolic, and political processes producing HIV death among specific categories of people, particularly Latino day laborers and other ethno-racial and sexual minorities and marginalized groups. This exploration attempts to address the ways in which political economic phenomena and social and symbolic categories produce structural vulnerability and what is framed in public health as individual choice and behavior.

Holmes is affiliated faculty in the Designated Emphasis in Women, Gender, and Sexuality and Minor in LGBT Studies (UCB), Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory (UCB), Center for Science, Technology, Medicine and Society (UCB), Center for Race and Gender (UCB), Health Disparities and Diversity Faculty Cluster (UCB), Joint Medical MD/MS Program (UCB/UCSF), Department of Anthropology, History and Social Medicine (UCSF), Department of Medicine, Highland Hospital, School of Medicine (UCSF), Center for Comparative Immigration Studies (UCSD), and Education Abroad Program Committee on Latin America (UCOP).