Lauren Bausch

South & Southeast Asian Studies

lauren_bauschLauren is interested in early Indian literature and postmodern philosophy. Her MA thesis (2011) was titled It’s Just My Imagination: Misperception in Sanskrit Drama According to the Theories of Lacan, Vasubandhu, and Sthiramati, and focused on Sanskrit dramas as seen through the philosophical lens of Jacques Lacan and her translation of Vasubandhu’s Triṃśikā Vijñaptimātratāsiddhi and Stiramati’s commentary. Lauren’s dissertation research focuses on philosophy in the Kaṇva Śatapatha Brāhmaṇa and the Suttanipāta, investigating the junction between late Vedic and Pāli compositions. She will also graduate with a Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory. Before joining the South and Southeast Asian Studies Department, Lauren earned a double BA in Spanish Literature and Political Science from UC Berkeley and a MA in Christian Spirituality from the Franciscan School of Theology (GTU).