Christopher Tomlins

Law School

tomlinsChristopher Tomlins is a historian by training, based at Berkeley Law (Boalt Hall) where his primary affiliation is with the Jurisprudence & Social Policy Ph.D. program and the Legal Studies undergraduate program. His research and teaching interests lie at the intersection of history as theory, method, and philosophy with law as subject and discipline. Both as teacher and researcher he is interested in the potential for the conjunction of law and history to furnish a site for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary study across the arc of the humanities and social sciences. He currently offers graduate courses on Slavery, History and Law, and American Legal History.

His current research focuses on the Turner Rebellion, a slave “rebellion” which occurred in August 1831 in Virginia. He is also engaged in work on the history of contemporary legal thought, on legal history and theory, and on the materialist jurisprudence detectable in the work of the literary critic Walter Benjamin.