Twelve Graduate Students Join the Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory

The faculty, students, and staff of UC Berkeley’s Program in Critical Theory welcome twelve new graduate students from nine campus departments to the Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory in Fall 2013.

Tova Ackerman, Rhetoric; Daniel Benjamin, English; Molly Borowitz, Spanish and Portuguese; Nicholaus Gutierrez, Rhetoric; Tasha Hauf, Ethnic Studies; Tara Hottman, German; Ellen Lin, Education; Stephen McIsaac, Anthropology; Simon Rogghe, French; Aakash Suchak, Rhetoric; Katherine Wallerstein, Rhetoric; Piper Wheeler, Slavic Languages.

The DE consists of a multi-course track that culminates in a degree certificate in Critical Theory in addition to their PhD. The aims of this curriculum are to establish an historical and normative framework for understanding critical theory in its current breadth. The DE now serves over 70 graduate students from the humanities and the social sciences at UC Berkeley.