Critical Theory DE Student Writing Group Begins September 6, 2013

Writing a dissertation chapter, a conference paper, or a seminar presentation is an immensely important but often daunting and lonely aspect of graduate student life. To create a quiet, focused time to get some work done, share ideas, and have more time together, we are forming a twice-monthly writing group with the support of The Program in Critical Theory.

Our group is meant to create a productive opportunity for DE students to write together and support each other by discussing aspects and challenges of the writing experience and providing thoughtful critiques on our work. We welcome all dissertation topics and want this to be an opportunity to share ideas using critical theory as a common language. In general, these meetings are casual and participants are welcome to drop in as their schedules permit.

The first session is on Friday, September 6th, from 12 to 2 pm in the BCNM Commons (340 Moffitt, next to FSM café). Bring your laptop, your writing, your schedule, and your ideas! RSVP to