News Archive: 2013

Critical Theory Welcomes Visiting Scholar Hélène Mialet

Hélène MialetThe Program in Critical Theory announces Hélène Mialet as a scholar-in-residence from November 2013 to October 2014. A PhD-trained scholar and writer with degrees from the Sorbonne and the Centre de Sociologie de l’Innovation de l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, Mialet’s research interests are in continental philosophy, science and technology studies, and social theory. She has held post-docs at Oxford and Cambridge Universities and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin, and positions at Cornell, Berkeley, and Harvard. She is (more… )

Forms of Survival: A Workshop on Theory and Contemporary Politics launches September 2013

Forms of Survival & the Politics of Vulnerability attempts to re-think the notion of survival, which, though often associated with centuries-old evolutionary theory, has become central to contemporary political thought. As a point of convergence between biological need and economic necessity, the concept of survival seems particularly animated by the threat of ecological catastrophe, the spread of economic deregulation, and the rise of biopolitics. One might also think of Bourdieu’s observation—one that is not exclusively his (more… )

Critical Theory DE Student Writing Group Begins September 6, 2013

Writing a dissertation chapter, a conference paper, or a seminar presentation is an immensely important but often daunting and lonely aspect of graduate student life. To create a quiet, focused time to get some work done, share ideas, and have more time together, we are forming a twice-monthly writing group with the support of The Program in Critical Theory.

Our group is meant to create a productive opportunity for DE students to write together and support each other by discussing aspects and challenges of the writing experience and providing thoughtful critiques on our (more… )

Twelve Graduate Students Join the Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory

The faculty, students, and staff of UC Berkeley’s Program in Critical Theory welcome twelve new graduate students from nine campus departments to the Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory in Fall 2013.

Tova Ackerman, Rhetoric; Daniel Benjamin, English; Molly Borowitz, Spanish and Portuguese; Nicholaus Gutierrez, Rhetoric; Tasha Hauf, Ethnic Studies; Tara Hottman, German; Ellen Lin, Education; Stephen McIsaac, Anthropology; Simon Rogghe, French; Aakash Suchak, Rhetoric; Katherine Wallerstein, Rhetoric; Piper Wheeler, Slavic (more… )

UC Berkeley Graduate Student Ramsey McGlazer Receives 2014 Critical Theory Dissertation Fellowship

The Program in Critical Theory is pleased to announce the selection of Ramsey McGlazer for the 2014 Critical Theory Dissertation Fellowship. Ramsey is pursuing his PhD in Comparative Literature along with a Designated Emphasis (DE) in Critical Theory. McGlazer’s dissertation on “counter-progressive pedagogy” is briefly described:

Ramsey McGlazer’s dissertation, tentatively titled In the Place of Abandonment: The Poetics of Counter-Progressive Pedagogy, identifies a literary and cinematic history that represents an alternative, within the modernist (more… )