International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs Receives New Grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

In December 2019, UC Berkeley received a four-and-a-half year, $1.8 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to continue the work of the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs (ICCTP) in a second phase. Established in 2017 through a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Consortium was conceived and has been co-directed during its first phase by Judith Butler (UC Berkeley) and Penelope Deutscher (Northwestern University). It has established an active network of nearly 500 programs, projects, centers, and institutes from almost all regions of the globe and 47 countries, which now constitutes the largest international network in the humanities located in the UC system. As the first grant comes to an end and the second begins in July 2020, Professors Natalia Brizuela (UC Berkeley) and Samera Esmeir (UC Berkeley) will become the new principal investigators.

Located in the Program in Critical Theory at UC Berkeley, the grant will continue the interventions already underway with a new focus on connecting emergent creative and critical practices in politics and the arts throughout the Global South. The main parts of the grant include: (a) a cross-regional workshop series on debt, futurity, ecology and migration; (b) continuation of the book series Critical South with Polity Press; (c) a new South-South translation series in collaboration with Senegalese and Argentinian publishing houses, Jimsaan and Tinta Limón; (d) continuation of the journal Critical Times with Duke University Press; (e) a visiting scholars program and lecture series on the UC Berkeley campus; (f) fellowships for doctoral students and graduate researcher appointments at UC Berkeley; (g) and the expansion of the Consortium’s global network and online directory.

In the new grant, the emergent workshop series, the journal, and the book series in its expanded forms will reflect an even more nuanced understanding of how best to foster cross-regional collaboration and to disseminate those results in creative and effective ways. We seek to strengthen South-South collaboration and to continue to provide opportunities for critical theory to renew itself in light of a range of situated and experimental contributions from various regions of the world.

For more information, please visit the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs (ICCTP) website