CT faculty will be teaching twelve fall 2020 courses that count towards the Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory. These courses reflect the interdisciplinary breadth of the Program, with core and elective options in Classics, Comparative Literature, Education, English, Film, German, History, History of Art, Political Science, Spanish & Portuguese, Rhetoric, and Slavic Languages and Literatures.

For more information on fall courses, full course descriptions, and the curricular requirements of the Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory, please visit our Courses page.

Please note the recent addition of new affiliated faculty member Djordje Popović’s elective course: Slavic 239 Twentieth-Century Slavic Literary Theory: Traveling (Slavic) Theory.

Fall 2020 Critical Theory Courses: CORE

  • Aesthetics as Critique, Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory | Comparative Literature 221/Rhetoric 221 (Critical Theory 205) | Robert Kaufman
  • Frankfurt School and Critical Media Theory | Film 240/German 256 (Critical Theory 205) | Tony Kaes
  • Structures of Latinx Feeling: From Latin American to Latinxymposia in Trans Method | Ethnic Studies 250 (Critical Theory 240) | Raúl Coronado
  • Studies in Comparative History: Ruins of History | History 280/Rhetoric 240 (Critical Theory 240) | Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann & Samera Esmeir

Fall 2020 Critical Theory Courses: ELECTIVE (Critical Theory 290)

  • Writing Disaster: Tragedy, Ecology, and Psychoanalysis | Classics 239 | Mario Telò
  • Sociocultural Critique of Education | Education 280A (Proseminar) | Zeus Leonardo
  • Symposia in Trans Method | English 250 | Grace Lavery
  • Medieval and Renaissance Mysticism | German 205/Comparative Literature 215 | Niklaus Largier
  • Comparative Conceptualisms– LA/MENA [Latin America/Middle East/North Africa] | History of Art 290 | Julia Bryan-Wilson & Anneka Lenssen
  • Topics in Contemporary Political Theory: Political Theory for Our Times | Political Science 215 | Wendy Brown
  • Education and Form | Portuguese 275 | Nathaniel Wolfson
  • Twentieth-Century Slavic Literary Theory: Traveling (Slavic) Theory | Slavic 239 | Djordje Popović